Netizens poke fun at SNSD Tiffany’s love handles

2 01 2010

While Taecyeon and Yoona’s performance as a make-believe couple has been widely searched online, netizens have also taken an interest in another SNSD member.

On MBC Gayo Daejun, 2PM and SNSD paired up for a special stage that still remains a hot topic today.

Although overshadowed by the two main characters of the skit, Wooyoung and Tiffany briefly danced together and displayed notable chemistry as well. Of course netizens couldn’t just sit back and enjoy the show; instead, they found immense delight in discovering the photos that were captured of them.

Sporting a white top that exposed her mid-drift and a pair of form-fitting jeans, the SNSD member unveiled a much curvier look onstage.

Of the countless comments that Tiffany and her new bod have been receiving as of late, they were mostly comprised of rebuke:

“The same girl with ‘honey thighs’ has a gut.”
“Wooyoung must have seen her fat and froze in place with that expression of his.”
“Wooyoung’s thighs are as big as Tiffany’s!”
“Tiffany’s New Year resolution: lose weight.”

It’s not the first time Tiffany has garnered attention for her weight before. Only several months ago, fans were worried about her drastic weight loss that was most evident in the thinning of her initially round face. Now, netizens are bashing on her for her fuller figure, proving that you really can’t please everyone but only yourself.

Under the hawk-like monitoring of netizens where nothing gets past them, celebrities must always be cautious of their appearance. In particular, all weight gain is met with morbid interest from netizens, especially when the celeb is known as an idol. Unfortunately, most are targetted at girls who are more susceptible to criticism.

Hopefully, Tiffany will follow the footsteps of Wonder Girls’ Yubin (as she has experienced a similar predicament in the past) and remain strong, not succumbing to crash diets, etc. To my knowledge, SNSD already has a pretty strict diet.

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