Care for KFC Buffet?

8 01 2010

I like love KFC very much, I can eat it 4-5 times a month. Ofcourse I know it’s a not good for our health but the taste of KFC’s stuff really makes my stomach asking for more!

Just for your info, in my country,  KFC served with rice instead of potato 🙂

How about yours?

I just found a short article about KFC when i went goolging, and i think i’m gonna posted it in here anyway~

If you’re a big KFC fan, then head over to this Osaka KFC Onohara branch at 3-3-29 Aoshinke Minoo-shi Osaka (TEL: 072-730-2700) where you can try a special all you can eat buffet called the Colonel Buffet.

The buffet on weekdays: 1050 yen (time limit 1 hour  11am-3pm) and weekends and holidays: 1380 yen (time limit 40 mins  11am-8pm) includes not just fried chicken but also french fries, chicken nuggets, fried noodles, rice, dumplings, pasta, vegetables, coleslaw and fruits.

Picture credit: japansugoi




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