Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!

20 01 2010

Gaki no tsukai
Back in 2008, my best friend told me to watch this funny and hilarious show in his house. At first, i didn’t understand what this show all about (haven’t learned japanese at that time and the video hasn’t been subbed either).

The first “Batsu Game” (means punishment game) i ever watched is 24 hours tag, the main concept of this version of batsu game is…. RUN….or you get fucked up! LOL.

There are many variation of batsu game, but their main batsu game always held on the end of the year.

Here are the list for my favorite batsu game on  past 10 years:

  1. 24-Hour Tag  (2000)
  2. No-Reaction Pie Hell (2002)
  3. No-Laughing Hot Spring Inn (2003)
  4. No-Laughing High School (2005)  <— Familiar with *Jimmy Onishi? ROFL
  5. No-Laughing Police Station (2006)
  6. No-Laughing Hospital (2007)
  7. No-Laughing Newspaper Agency
  8. No-Laughing Hotel Employee (2009) <—– I’m watching this one at moment

***I bet everyone already watched Jimmy Onishi on Youtube, well if you haven’t see him here is the video

If you want to see the latest batsu game you can check ShibataBread2 profile on youtube. I can tell you, this guy really amazing~




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