Girls’ Generation Comeback is Finally Revealed

21 01 2010

Girls’ Generation comeback is finally revealed.

Just a reminder, last year ‘Gee’ and ‘Tell me your wish, have been shaking korean music industry, and won awards for consecutive times.

High expectation from SNSD’s fans for the new album to hit the pop culture again in 2010 as well, and hopefully it will cause a new Gee ‘syndrome’.

The title, would be be ‘Oh!’ and the song writer is Kenzie, a talented person on electronic pop songs genre.

“The movement/choreography is lively and cheerful filled by energy as exactly the Girl’s nature, the lyrics also representing someone who sweet and honest enough to listen the songs from deep inside their heart~”

January 30th, the Girls will be perform ont MBC Music Core, and this is 1st time they will show appear in front of public to announce every song in their new album.

The Girls performance on that date is expected by many fans and it definitely would be hot and awesome!

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Translated: pipiberserakan @

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