SNSD – Genie (English Version)

18 12 2009

You wanna sing SNSD’s song more don’t you?

Here you go.

Remember to sing loud and proud because you really love SNSD so much and wanted to sing their song in proper way!

Credit for fartboy456


SNSD – Gee (English Version)

18 12 2009

Do you really like SNSD but can’t understand or even can’t sing most of their songs because lack of  korean language understanding?

Don’t be afraid mate,  with this video you can sing loud and proud because your english isn’t bad as your korean.

And the credit goes to




18 12 2009

Have you heard about this before?

Well, if you haven’t, then I must say that I  have a great respect for this fellow. He has a great hearing ability that can convert many kind of songs in different languages into english version. I salute you mate!

Here is a couple original videos that show his “talent“.

Crazy Indian Video (My Fav~)

Saint Transformer

Indian Thriller (Very Funny)

Credit to my man, buffalax