Introducing Failing Forward

17 12 2009

I’ve got a good recommendation for this indie band…

this lads have done many things in order to life out their live in music department.

long story short, here they are:

Failing Forward is a pop-punk band based in Jakarta, Indonesia. who is still and will always learn how to create, play, and have lots and lots of fun with their own music. They mainly play pop punk tunes with all random influences. Their priority is the music itself, not the complicated genres, fashion style or any other unimportant issues.

Failing Forward was born on August 17th, ’03 at 34 highschool Jakarta, Ilham (guitarist) asked his schoolmates to have fun with Punk tunes. Rufio, the Starting Line, the Ataris, New Found Glory are their all-time favourites. They are Bajis (vocals), Aul(guitarist), Orok (bassist), and Ixan (Drummer). After Orok’s transfer to another school in another city, Didit filled the empty space with a little bit of line-up changes. Bored playing other people’s song, they started to make and play their own.

In early of 2007, Aul resigned from the band due to his busy academic schedule. Cliche, but that’s the way it is. After he left we had a great support on the bass department by Dhika. After arranged a couple of new songs with an improved sound and style, they had released a debut EP album, “Shouts from South” at the end of 2007.

A year after Dhika helped us (we owe you the world mate!), we found a punk-slash-jazz bass player to complete our line-up. He’s the guy (or the ‘boy’?) from ‘chikoromaru’, Acil. He’s very young yet he’s very good on slapping the bass out. Despite our huge age differences (he just finished junior high for god’s sake), we have the common purpose and goal on what we want to achieve with this ride. We hope he can bring some freshness, some youth, some speed and add a bit of musicianship since we’re all getting older & slower.

Hence, our team is built. The team will sing. The team will shout. The team is ours, FAILFORTEAM!!!
“We’re just kids who want to be better persons..”
-Revolt! Revolt!

contacts ::+628151600550(bule)