Girls’ Generation Comeback is Finally Revealed

21 01 2010

Girls’ Generation comeback is finally revealed.

Just a reminder, last year ‘Gee’ and ‘Tell me your wish, have been shaking korean music industry, and won awards for consecutive times.

High expectation from SNSD’s fans for the new album to hit the pop culture again in 2010 as well, and hopefully it will cause a new Gee ‘syndrome’.

The title, would be be ‘Oh!’ and the song writer is Kenzie, a talented person on electronic pop songs genre.

“The movement/choreography is lively and cheerful filled by energy as exactly the Girl’s nature, the lyrics also representing someone who sweet and honest enough to listen the songs from deep inside their heart~”

January 30th, the Girls will be perform ont MBC Music Core, and this is 1st time they will show appear in front of public to announce every song in their new album.

The Girls performance on that date is expected by many fans and it definitely would be hot and awesome!

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Morning Musume – Gaki Kamei Miracle Throws

20 01 2010

This is my favorite Haromoni cut from Morning Musume variety show back in 2008, the duo (Gaki and Kamei) must perform a miraculous throw for a segment from that show. The thing is, it is almost impossible to do that “miracle” at first attempt. 🙂



Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!

20 01 2010

Gaki no tsukai
Back in 2008, my best friend told me to watch this funny and hilarious show in his house. At first, i didn’t understand what this show all about (haven’t learned japanese at that time and the video hasn’t been subbed either).

The first “Batsu Game” (means punishment game) i ever watched is 24 hours tag, the main concept of this version of batsu game is…. RUN….or you get fucked up! LOL.

There are many variation of batsu game, but their main batsu game always held on the end of the year.

Here are the list for my favorite batsu game on  past 10 years:

  1. 24-Hour Tag  (2000)
  2. No-Reaction Pie Hell (2002)
  3. No-Laughing Hot Spring Inn (2003)
  4. No-Laughing High School (2005)  <— Familiar with *Jimmy Onishi? ROFL
  5. No-Laughing Police Station (2006)
  6. No-Laughing Hospital (2007)
  7. No-Laughing Newspaper Agency
  8. No-Laughing Hotel Employee (2009) <—– I’m watching this one at moment

***I bet everyone already watched Jimmy Onishi on Youtube, well if you haven’t see him here is the video

If you want to see the latest batsu game you can check ShibataBread2 profile on youtube. I can tell you, this guy really amazing~

Yuri ‘No Breaks’

20 01 2010

“I do not have a much time to go vacation,  I’m still doing singing and acting exercises during vacation time. ” said Yuri

Popular SNSD member Yuri geolgeurup for the first time since the group formed in the official holiday while the new album is in full preparation for practice and acting as well.

The official Girl’s upcoming album will be released in February, in the mean time she’s enjoying these “recharging” days together with other member. But the MBC sitcom insist the resting time would be dedicated to study acting for her new character instead.

A spoke person from SNSD’s side said,  “It isn’t a burden for the girl to continued practice and acting at the same time”

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*please note that my korean skill still lacking, sorry if i miss interpreted some sentences.

Watch Invinsible Youth Ep. 12 Full Show

10 01 2010

This episode is so hilarious and you must see Yuri’s tongue out while she sleeps extremely CUTE!

If you prefer to download it, you can find in Invincible Youth Ep. 12 [HQ]

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Yaaay, It’s Chatmonchy!

10 01 2010

Chatmonchy (チャットモンチー, chattomonchī) is a three-piece all-woman rock band which consists of Eriko Hashimoto (guitar, vocals), Akiko Fukuoka (bass, chorus), and Kumiko Takahashi (drums, chorus) who are from Tokushima Prefecture on the island of Shikoku, Japan. Since 2005, they have been signed to Sony Music Japan’s Ki/oon Records record label. The band’s name has no particular meaning~


  • 2004: Chatmonchy ni Naritai (チャットモンチーになりたい; We Wanna Be chatmonchy?)
  • 2005: Chatmonchy has come
  • 2006: Miminari (耳鳴り; Ringing Ear?)
  • 2007: Seimeiryoku (生命力; Vitality?)
  • 2009: Kokuhaku (告白; Confession?)

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SNSD’s Average Age

8 01 2010

and for the rest can be found in [HERE]

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