Oh! MV is Out

27 01 2010



SNSD ‘They Always Hit The Top’

26 01 2010

The 1st day of Girls’ Generation’s  ‘Oh! has been published to the public they already dominated Kpop online charts, many people predicted this is the birth of a new syndrome.

On 25th  ‘Oh!’ ranked 1st place on various online charts, including the Melon, Bugs, Cyworld and other music sites  in short period  of time.

A little flashback,  all the debut song of Girls’ Generation always hit the top chart like ‘Into the New World ‘, ‘Kissing You’, ‘Baby Baby’, ‘Gee’, ‘Tell me your wish’ and right now ‘Oh!’ it self~

Yesterday, after an explosive reaction towards Oh! on many music site portal,  the future expectations on this Girls’ are even increasing rapidly.

‘Oh!’ Music video will be published on 27th while on January 30th, the Girls will attend and performed on ‘MBC’ Music Core.

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SNSD ‘Naver Go Down For The 1st time in History’

24 01 2010

Remember Naver incident on January 23th, when the site crashed because of many people accessed it at the same time?

For your information, this accident is the first time happened on South Korea History. The chance of a website down in South Korea is really (really really really) RARE, because South Korea had the best Internet Protocol system and ranked 1st in the world (please refer to here).

South Korea’s internet user is around 10 million people (estimated), and guess what?

Apparently when the Naver’s incident occurred, the minimal amount of online user on that site is about 1 million!!!

‘Site Portal Down’ moment is a the first clue how our girls’ is getting famous even more nowadays.

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Tiffany and Yuri ‘Oh! Preview’

23 01 2010

SNSD member Tiffany and Yuri which broadcasted on MBC Music Core today, has given us/public a short preview about Oh! as they dance and sing some part of it~
Tiffany and Yuri introduced Oh! with unique dance and when you hear carefully the ‘Oh..oh’ part, it’s really catchy indeed.
They performed it in a front of crowded fans, cheering for their cute face and screaming Girls’ Generation name.


Here’s the video~


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SNSD New Fashion Concept~

22 01 2010

Girls’ Generation’s new concept as a cute cheerleader is once again make many fans delighted.

SNSD’s ‘Oh!’ teaser video came out today (January, 23th) at midnight on music portal site Naver. The video was showed to public for the first time. The duration of teaser video for the title track ‘Oh!’ is about 30 second.

The Girls’ members act as a cute cheerleader repetitive saying Oh’ to the rhythm, starting from the locker room at the stadium. The choreograpy somehow reminding us of ‘GEE’ which would cause the new syndrome/era for the new album.

Remember the Girls’ ‘GEE ‘and ‘Tell me your wish’ fashion concept? With skinny jeans and Military look, they were a hit that time. But for now on, with a new fashion concept which relatively different from the past, we hope it will lead the new trend.

For your information Oh! teaser video was ranked 1st on various portal sites, and because of massive interest of the viewers, most of server are down.

The new song ‘Oh!’ is an unique genre of the sophisticated electronic pop melodies and filled with joy, vitality and youthful energy.

The SNSD’s 2nd full album is coming out on 28th, and on January 30th the Girls’ will perform ‘Oh!” at MBC Music Bank for the first public debut.

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Yuri ‘No Breaks’

20 01 2010

“I do not have a much time to go vacation,  I’m still doing singing and acting exercises during vacation time. ” said Yuri

Popular SNSD member Yuri geolgeurup for the first time since the group formed in the official holiday while the new album is in full preparation for practice and acting as well.

The official Girl’s upcoming album will be released in February, in the mean time she’s enjoying these “recharging” days together with other member. But the MBC sitcom insist the resting time would be dedicated to study acting for her new character instead.

A spoke person from SNSD’s side said,  “It isn’t a burden for the girl to continued practice and acting at the same time”

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SNSD’s Average Age

8 01 2010

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