Tiffany and Yuri ‘Oh! Preview’

23 01 2010

SNSD member Tiffany and Yuri which broadcasted on MBC Music Core today, has given us/public a short preview about Oh! as they dance and sing some part of it~
Tiffany and Yuri introduced Oh! with unique dance and when you hear carefully the ‘Oh..oh’ part, it’s really catchy indeed.
They performed it in a front of crowded fans, cheering for their cute face and screaming Girls’ Generation name.


Here’s the video~


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Yuri ‘No Breaks’

20 01 2010

“I do not have a much time to go vacation,  I’m still doing singing and acting exercises during vacation time. ” said Yuri

Popular SNSD member Yuri geolgeurup for the first time since the group formed in the official holiday while the new album is in full preparation for practice and acting as well.

The official Girl’s upcoming album will be released in February, in the mean time she’s enjoying these “recharging” days together with other member. But the MBC sitcom insist the resting time would be dedicated to study acting for her new character instead.

A spoke person from SNSD’s side said,  “It isn’t a burden for the girl to continued practice and acting at the same time”

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*please note that my korean skill still lacking, sorry if i miss interpreted some sentences.

Watch Invinsible Youth Ep. 12 Full Show

10 01 2010

This episode is so hilarious and you must see Yuri’s tongue out while she sleeps extremely CUTE!

If you prefer to download it, you can find in Invincible Youth Ep. 12 [HQ]

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SNSD’s Average Age

8 01 2010

and for the rest can be found in [HERE]

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MBC Music Core Full Show [HQ DL]

3 01 2010

Jan 2nd, 2010

Emotional Winter
Jewelry – Love Story
Namolla Family feat. Kang Min Hee – Like a Child

Idol World
BEAST – Mystery
F(x) – Chu~
Rainbow – Gossip Girl
Tiara – Bo Peep Bo Peep

Hot Stage
2PM – Tired Of Waiting
After School – Because Of You
Brown Eyed Girls – SIGN
Brian – My Girl
Eun Ji Won – Siren
IU – Marshmallow
Park Jin Young – No Love No More

New Song
AB Avenue – Love The Two Of Us
DeeVine – Closes Your Eyes
Yoon Seo Jin – A Dumb Person

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SNSD Tiffany & Yuri – MC Cuts at MBC Music Core [HQ DL]

3 01 2010

Jan 2nd, 2010

I knew you guys already watched it on Youtube, but you can download it for your pleasure~

Aaaaa, Tiffany i love you! *wink


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SNSD Tiffany and Yuri MC Cut at Music Core (02012010)

2 01 2010

aaaww, tiffany makes my heart melted~